Frequently Asked Questions

ClearlyBooked for Cleaners

How much does ClearlyBooked cost?
Nothing! ClearlyBooked is completely free and does not require a credit card to sign up. We do charge for add-ons, but you're never obligated to buy them.
How many customers can I sign up?
As many as you'd like! We don't put any restrictions on the number of customers you can sign up.
How many rental units can I sign up?
As many as you'd like! We don't put any restrictions on the number of rentals you can sign up.
Can my customers use ClearlyBooked?
Absolutely! When they do they can have ClearlyBooked automatically request cleanings when they get a new booking through one of their listing sites. That's just one of many benefits. We have other rental owner features that make managing their rental easier.
How do I get paid when my customer pays my bill via ClearlyBooked?
When your customer pays your bill via ClearlyBooked we deposit the funds directly into your bank account. No more waiting for checks in the mail!
How does ClearlyBooked keep my information safe?

For starters, we don't store sensitive account information from other sites like account numbers, usernames or passwords. - EVER!

Sounds impossible, right? It's true and actually pretty simple. Anytime you enter credentials or account information for another company on our site, you are actually entering that information into one of their pages - not ours. For example, when you enter your bank account where you want the funds from your customer to get deposited you are using our payment processor's screen. As a result, the information goes directly to them and never hits our site. The benefit is they specialize in payments and go to great lengths to ensure yours and your customers' information remains secure.

Any requests you make to our site and any calls we make to another company for your information is always done over SSL/TLS, so the information is encrypted. Even the page you're on now uses a secure SSL/TLS connection. You can verify via your browser by finding the lock icon that's typically displayed by the url.

The password you create on ClearlyBooked when you sign-up is immediately "hashed" and the original password is never stored. Hashing is a technical term which basically means the password is encrypted/converted to a bunch of different characters that cannot be decrypted.